Practical Courses for Busy Educators

Rave Reviews

"Tonya Ward Singer is an energetic presenter who facilitates learning in a fun atmosphere. The resources and activities are relevant for educators of all content areas and grade levels. I highly recommend!"

Jodi McClure, Teacher, Indiana

"Insightful and informative! With the book and what my team learned with Tonya, we can take back today and start directly applying and supporting our students and teachers. We are now helping open doors for equity!"

Santiago A. Meza, Principal, California

“One of the best professional learning opportunities I have attended in my 15 years as an educator. It has definitely helped me in moving educators take the step from theory to action.”

Michelle Gill, ELL Helping Teacher, British Columbia

"EL Excellence Every Day is an easy to use resource for all educators. Tonya Ward Singer's passion for English learners is evident and contagious. She reminds us of the importance of giving ALL students the opportunity to put language and communication skills into everyday practice."

Lori Gore, EL Instructional Coordinator for K-12, Louisiana

“When was the last time you were able to take the great ideas of a book and actually implement them into your classroom? This course gives you that opportunity and makes it happen. Useful techniques from a real teacher presented in a thoughtful and empathetic manner. Win Win.”

Jerry Koontz, EAL Teacher, Shanghai, China

"Tonya's online workshop provided an explanation of strategies to create a routine, and she modeled and integrated the strategies into the online PD! I plan to use these strategies for student engagement and participation immediately! This was definitely worth my time! Thank you!"

Alison Fleischer, ENL Teacher, Indiana